Hello there! You have stumbled onto the home of the Electronic Peasant! The Peasant is dedicated to inexpensive, easy, and fun Do-It-Yourself electronics projects, particularly those which involve music production and reproduction as well as alternative energy. The Peasant also has hints and tips on how to inexpensively obtain electronic components through salvage and recycling. Please note that The Electronic Peasant prefers all things Analogue to the boring, sterile Digital Domain!

Danger!!! Warning!!! Caution!!!

Many of the projects and circuits presented on this site involve hazardous high voltages. Only people trained and experienced with this type of electronics should attempt to build or experiment with these!

Also note that many of these projects are for the advanced experimenter only and should not be attempted by beginners. The Electronic Peasant gives or implies no warranties or guarantees of any kind for this information and is not responsible for any damages resulting from its use. No technical support is provided or available for this information. All information and graphics on this site are presented for private/educational use only and remain the exclusive property of The Electronic Peasant. Usage is at your own risk!


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Last updated - May 23, 2020

What's new? An amazing new percussion ribbon controller, the ThunderWave!